28 May 2016

25 bookish facts: the post in which i talk about myself a lot


1. i buy tons of books and i don’t feel guilty about it all. realistically speaking, will my TBR ever reach zero? probably not? but i don’t care because…one, i can spend my money any way i want to (believe me I’m not going into debt over books) and two, i love books. i love owning them. i love looking at them. i love admiring the covers. i love the publishing industry. i love authors. i love supporting those authors and the industry. i love books.

2. i can’t read books with tiny fonts. if a book has tiny font, i will try to find another edition or just get it on my kindle. alot of adult fiction paperbacks have tiny fonts and i purposely avoid them or try to buy the hardcover if i want to read them. WHY DO YOU MAKE BOOKS HAVE TINY FONT PUBLISHERS

3. i used to prefer paperbacks about a year ago, but that has definitely shifted. i prefer hardcovers. i don’t even know when it happened, but now i will always choose the hardcover over the paperback. there are exceptions though but that usually has to do with covers and what not.

4. i probably own close to 1000 books? it’s at least 800. i think.

5. i have always been a reader ever since i was young. i probably stopped reading for a brief time in middle school. my parents always bought me books or took me to barnes and noble and the library as a reward for doing well in school when i was really young. in high school, most of my reading was required but i snuck some books in for pleasure. but my reading really took off again in college with harry potter (yes i read them for the first time when i was in college) and twilight (yes, i am a walking cliche).

6. if a book has too much hype, i will purposely put it off. hype really makes a book unattractive to me and idk why.

7. i have to use a bookmark. it’s why i have SO MANY because i won’t use anything but a bookmark to mark my spot in my book.

8. this is a recent development, but i prefer to read an author’s work in chronological order. like i have to. so an example of this was morgan matson. i was able to get a review copy of the unexpected everything way back in january, but i still hadn’t read second chance summer and since you’ve been gone. so i read those first and NOW i feel like i can actually read the unexpected everything.

9. if you don’t like my favorite book/books, i won’t ever tell you or say anything out loud because it’s cool everyone’s allowed to have their own opinion. internally i feel like this though:


but i’d never actually tell you this because i’m nice like that.

10. i will love the YA genre/category/etc forever. people say i’ll get tired of that. nope you’re wrong. :D

11. i used to read with my dust jackets ON. but then about 6 months ago while reading with the dust jacket on, i fucked it up somehow and ruined the dust jacket. i now happily read with them off.

12. this is such a bad habit, and i’m currently trying to break it. i tend to buy entire series when i haven’t read the first book yet or i’ve only read the first book. what can i say? when i commit, i commit.

13. i used to booktube. sometimes i miss it.

14. i really don’t like reviews that tell me NOT to read book. i moreso enjoy reviews that are like this — here are all the reasons i liked/disliked a book. here’s why i think some people will love/like/dislike/hate this book. because a book you might hate? I could totally love.

15. i’m not a super critical reader and i don’t feel bad about it at all. just because i don’t analyze the books i read doesn’t mean my opinion doesn’t matter.

16. that being said my favorite kind of reviews to read or watch are critical book reviews.

17. the raven cycle is my baby. it’s the series i will defend to my death.

18. i’m pretty obsessed with ya booklr (book community on tumblr) community. the edits and the graphics give me so much life. it’s honestly how i pick books from my tbr. if i find a fandom or pretty edits i’m like okay time to read this book.

19. i’ve become best friends with some of the best people on booktube all because of the falling kingdoms series by morgan rhodes.

20. when i’m the only person who likes a book and everyone else hates it i’m like…psssshhhhh i’m cool i don’t need anyone but really i’m like:

21. sometimes i think about giving sarah j. maas books a second chance. but then i remember. it’s like this ongoing internal battle.

22. i am trash for morally ambiguous antiheroes or villains. PURE TRASH

23. i’m really excited when i book i love starts becoming popular but sometimes, internally, i’m like NO GO AWAY IT’S MINE but overall, i’m happy.

24. if i watch a movie adaptation before i read the book, i will never read the book.

25. i’m so in love with the bookish internet community. booktubers, bookstagrammers, booklrs, book bloggers, etc. y’all fill my heart with happiness because we share our love for the same thing on the daily. <3

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